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Business Owners

Many businesses, following the BP Oil Spill of 2010, saw a tremendous drop in their Sales in the Post Spill months. We identify, structure, and present these losses in a concise, formulated manner in accordance with the Methodologies that were put into place by the GCCF (Gulf Coast Claims Facility).

By doing this we enable YOU, the business owner, to concentrate on running your current business while we focus on regaining the lost revenue for past business that was directly affected by the Spill of 2010.

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Who Qualifies?

Anyone in the Gulf Coast region that depends upon the Influx of Tourism and/or the Gulf of Mexico itself, to provide an income and maintain a lifestyle.
  • Bartenders
  • Servers
  • Hotel Employees
  • ANY other Hospitality Industry Employee (including Managers)
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Spa Employees
  • Hairstylists
  • Realtors
  • Property Management
  • Rental Employees
  • .... And Many Other


For many individuals, the BP Oil Spill caused dramatic effects on their income. Jobs were lost, hours were cut, and with no tourists and visitors coming into town, it made the task of regaining employment or bringing in more income virtually impossible for some.

We understand what needs to be done to identify and process a successful Claim. Our formulas are in strict accordance with those used by the GCCF (Gulf Coast Claims Facility) in their calculations. Therefore, at no time, will you not get EXACTLY what you deserve. Get Started Today!!!

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  • “After my experience with GC ClaimCO, I would highly recommend them to anyone that is qualified, and I urge to you file your claim with them ASAP! They are professional, experienced, punctual, friendly, and most importantly they interested in getting the full amount amount owed to you.”
    Chelsie Zeringue
  • “It was a great idea to have Gulf Coast ClaimCo handle my claim. Working with David Rakower was not only easy, but a pleasure.”
    Caroline White
  • “Having GC ClaimCo process and file my GCCF BP claim was so easy.”

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We concentrate on working with our clients every step of the way, keeping communication lines open on a consistent basis while allowing our clients to continue doing what they do best: Running their businesses, and their lives, while we concentrate on getting YOUR money .

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